Well when did that happen?


It’s been well over a year since I last managed to blog, how time flies! What’s happened in the mean time?

Well, I never made it to Whistler for IronMan Canada; I was made redundant in April, and decided that I couldn’t afford it anymore. I did a couple of other races over the summer – an event called “The Marketing Industry Triathlon” which I was made aware of by Iain Martin of Skipedia (so he has marketing credentials to be there, I was just unemployed so could race on a Friday!) I learned a valuable thing; if you race on a Friday not many people turn up you can do OK, I placed 7th!

I may have missed IM Canada, but at least I missed the bear on the run!

I may have missed IM Canada, but at least I missed the bear on the run!

I was pleased to gain employment again at the beginning of September, one of the perks that comes with the new job is… FREE FOOD!

Lunch is provided Monday to Thursday, and there is a rack of shelves with crisps, chocolate and biscuits; a fridge full of soft-drinks, occasionally beers on a Friday. There’s good social scene with “a swift beer after work” being a common call on a Thursday or a Friday. A saving grace however, there’s also a really good deal on the gym that’s only about 20m from the office.

At the gym I placed a few goals on myself, I wanted 3-reps of deadlifting own body-weight by Christmas. I had fun doing various other exercises (kettle-bell swings, front-squats, walking lunges etc.) and noticed that I was gaining some mass, which must be muscle.

Pretty sure this is how I looked, right?

Pretty sure this is how I looked, right?

It has to be muscle, right?

I kept telling myself that, I was close to my Deadlift goal (on 70Kg’s + bar) when I went for a couple more reps than was wise, my form was off  on my last two reps on 3 sets of 8. My back started to hurt, and I was out of the gym for 10 days or so.

Yeah… closer to the truth.

Oddly my weight didn’t seem to be dropping, in fact it was continuing its upward trajectory… this added mass was not muscle, I’d got fat. If any proof was needed, I wore my kilt to a work Christmas Party, and it was a struggle to get it on!

And so here I am, weighing in at more than I’ve ever weighed before in my life, struggling to get my kilt on, and the nice new suit I bought for interviews in August is uncomfortably tight, so this has to stop.

Oh, and hauling a bonus 11Kg’s of me around when running isn’t fun marathon training, and that’s in 3 months and 7 days… there’s a lot of work to be done!